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Gareth Parkin

As Director of the UK's largest online promotional gift supplier I can't agree more with your sentiments and approach to embrassing the internet to drive your business forward.

We are new to the gift market in the UK circa 5 years, however our philosophy is exactly on the same line that you have taken and it has provided us with amazing results.

Too many traditional suppliers have sat back on their laurels and assumed the business will come to them. The service levels are extremely poor and it gives the whole industry a bad reputation, and this even goes for the manufacturers. Many are too busy spending time at golf days, dinners, exhibitions etc. attempting to drum up more business or slapping each other on the back - Why? They cannot cope with what they have on their plates anyway.

The whole attitude of many trade suppliers is one of well if we don't get the order for distributor X we will get it from distributor Y. This attitude is extremely narrow minded, in some ways they are correct, however what about the bigger picture, all those clients that have been let down who in truth next time they contemplate a promotion the last thing they are likely to do is opt for promotional products and as such there are no winners.

Well done to you and good luck in the future you are not far wrong!

Gareth Parkin

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Great post. Blogs are a very natural way to attract links. I’d love to see a post on how to get your company to blog. Particularly if you are dealing with a large, conservative company.




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The fun part is always entertaining but vulgarity should be out.


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I am fascinated by web commerce and how the consumer of today wants to be in charge vs. having someone else tell them what to do. We have always wanted to create a transparent site that gives consumers control.

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Michelle Jennings

Excellent article Mark, i really agree with you that the promotional products industry is dull and alot of the time unproffessional, thanks for taking the lead and giving corporates the confidence they need in our line of work! and your website looks awesome as well!

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Website and internet marketing have definitely helped increase our sales and generate new clients for our company

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Online business demands a strong belief factor. Means if people have a trust on you then they will surely like to take services from you. And earning a belief is not a child play means not a easy task. This thing demands time and efforts.

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In todays consumer business environment if one does not take advantage of technology you are sure to get beaten by the competition.


Thanks for taking the lead and giving corporates the confidence they need in our line of work! and your website looks awesome as well!

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What inspired you to take the company in this direction?

The answer was quite interesting.


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