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Great ! I am glad to know this AIMS group.I am going to join this group soon .It will help me in widening my network. I will suggest my friends to join this association too.Thanks for it

Steven Scheeler

I love face book,We have our own community.

E Leigh

Wow.. what a great blog!! I found this particular post inspiring as it's nice to know there is a place to share our internet strategies and tactics. I'll look you up on facebook too. I'll be back to visit again soon. Cheers


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Thanks for contributing so much with this wonderful content.

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The huge online companies are always using facebook i do know that.

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"Today, that number is closer to 11 per cent, at a time when the site is adding about a million new users a week." - this was 3 years ago.

2010 - - 58%+ Canadians are using Facebook. That's crazy people. Wondering who's working in this country!


Has anyone seen the "facebook movie" yet - The Social Network

Was wondering if it was any good?

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I think this facebook thing may be a bit overblown. Guess we'll see if it sticks.

Mike von Moltke

Thanks for sharing! I knew fb was big here in Canada but i didnt have any numbers to support it. Thats it im starting CanBook-hehe.

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Its so nice of you guys you shared this interesting thing through out this blog.

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watch out. facebook canadians are on the rise. well done!

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