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William Tully

It drives me nuts when companies spend the dollars they do and pull stuff like that. If you're going to ask me some specifics for one part of your site, could you not add in a couple lines to exclude that which doesn't apply?

Then again, it's probably even more of an annoyance for people in Quebec. Sure, once they weed through the ones that allow Canadians, they then ALSO have to find the ones that don't exclude the Province Of Quebec too.

Yes, companies are allowed to have restrictions, however, it's the lazy coding that drives us crazy. Or is it the blanket marketing... ? ;)

Donna Papacosta

Great post, Kathryn. This happens ALL the time. I am sorely tempted to use my former Zip code in the U.S. of A. Grrrrr.

Kathryn Lagden

@ William - Good point about those in Quebec. Lazy coding and blanket marketing - not a good combination!

First thing I check on contest/promotion sites is the 'terms' or 'rules and regs'. Knowing if I can even enter is the first piece of the puzzle.


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Frustrating isn't it? Sometimes I think information is intentionally difficult to find on websites in hopes of increasing page views and the time spent on a site.

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