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Judy Gombita

Someone just visited PR Conversations via the AIMS blog (I hope you liked what you found!), so definitely being on a blogroll (widget) can be incredibly helpful to bloggers in attracting new readers when the subject matter is pertinent/relevant to the target audience.

For example, we (I say "we," because PR Conversations is an international collective blog) get a larger number of "unique visitor" hits from a colleague in the UK, (Heather Yaxley, who has kindly included PR Conversations on her blogroll at, than from two prominent PR-industry publishers based in the US. (Heather's Technorati Authority ranking is quite good.)

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This is a bad omen. I agree that editrorial content should not be able to be purchased. Any media outlet worth its salt would not permit it.


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Of course widgets are there to make things easier and simpler for us. But sometimes, they occupy all the space.

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