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Historian Ecclcsiasticie," which was afterwards published under various other forms, and translated into German, with additions ; also into English by Dr. Mad&ine.

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Historian Ecclcsiasticie," which was afterwards published under various other forms, and translated into German, with additions ; also into English by Dr. Mad&ine.

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His works are, '"The Preacher's Tripartite," " Varia) colloquendi Formulie," 14 Narrative of George Wild, bishop of Dorry," and "Zion's Prospect in its first View."

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In 2000 he joined Knight in the Oregon Sports Hall of Fame and for his special contribution to sports in Oregon. His significant contributions granted him influence and access uncharacteristically for an athletic booster. In addition event for the "best seats in the House" for all U of O athletic, he has his own personal lockers in the soccer team in the locker room. Contributions to the Athletic Department at the U of O Knight came not without controversy.


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I cause to be burned with fire.And now, behold, my brethren, as I said unto you that I would prophesy, behold, this is my prophecy

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1)thickness 18 to 22 mm.
2)surface have juncture.
3)air pressure: 5psi,10 psi,20 psi,25psi.
In the advantages:
1)because in the cushion different shapes of Max air contains different kinds of pressure of the gas chamber, that can reduce the impact of the generation when exercise.
2)The shock absorber has more 35% effect than the previous air cushion,make the feet more protected.
3)air cushion can effectively reduce the impact and provides maximum comfort.
4)the gas chamber pressure, can provide the shock absorber with stable effect and function and provide users better stability and moving control.They are fit to those players who pay attention to the shock, protection, comfort and stability.
Ps: Max has Max air and max2 air. The difference is: max2 is expensive because of technical problems. Max air only has one of the gas chamber and the gas chamber of gas is same.Max2 have some gas chambers and the gas won't be interlinked.And their psi is also diffrent:Max is 25psi,the middle of max2 is 5psi and the two side is 25psi.(Psi=per square inch)

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