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Donna Papacosta

Best wishes to you, Kathryn!

Tamera Kremer

All the best Kathryn, can't wait to hear the details! Know that you will be missed tho.

I've really enjoyed getting to know you and working with you on building the AIMS community!


Katherine Came

That is so wonderful for you, Kathryn! You've done a wonderful job with AIMS, and I am sure you'll do great in your new position.

You've really built up the AIMS organization, and are leaving big shoes to be filled.


Kathryn Lagden

Thanks all.

Tamera/Katherine - it's volunteers like you that keep it so much fun and make AIMS such a vibrant community.

I'm looking forward to remaining an active part of this community as I start my new position.

Judy Gombita

Bruce, I think that many of us became more involved with AIMS this past year (as volunteers, as session attendees or by commenting on the blog), because much of Kathryn’s focus truly has been on community building. Send in a comment or criticism...not only would you get a timely and friendly response, but gosh darn it, wouldn’t Kathryn start pulling you in to get involved with AIMS. And, it turned out to be rewarding and fun, so you didn’t mind. Ergo, it’s not really that surprising that “community building” is the focus of her next job.

I’ve been in (offline) contact with Kathryn to offer personal congratulations, but I did warn her that I was going to share this part on the blog: I’ve told her that she must complete her "chief community-builder" role by ensuring some dynamite succession planning in conjunction with the board and you. And, of course to stay involved as a member of the AIMS community.

Jen Evans

Kathryn - we will miss you. You've made a huge contribution and been a true pleasure to work with.

Bruce Powell

Responding to Judy's comment -- you're right, Kathryn has made a HUGE contribution to AIMS in the past year! Finding someone with her same flair for leadership and 'community-building' will be a BIG challenge, but Kathryn herself has agreed to play a role in helping the board identify, and integrate her successor - AND she has promised to stay involved with the association in the coming months. In fact, once her 'formal' role is complete, the board has asked if she might consider joining us to help guide the association in an advisory role going forward. And if she does, we'll all benefit from her continued participation.

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