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Jeff Young


On the Canadian site, at 1024x768 screen resolution, you are severing heads. From what I understand about marketing, this is not a good thing. Can you move your celeb endorsers above the fold (so people don't have to scroll to see their full faces)? It probably means your central picture has to be reduced slightly.

Also, have you gone through the entire purchase process for both sites with cc in hand? Is there quirks on one site that the other doesn't have?

Bryce Saunders


We see similar trends as we have separate ecommerce sites for Canada ( and the US ('s definitely a reflection of the customer’s familiarity with the online channel vs. any site design issues.

Our Canadian conversion rate increased considerably when we launched Ship to Store functionality. Beyond this being a free service, we’re hearing back from our store teams that customers like being able to pick up their orders from familiar faces and helped ease their concerns as it related to security etc. You may want to explore this option if you have brick stores or through your dealer network.

Best of Luck!


Ezra Silverton

In my experience we find Canadian's to be a little more cautious then our US neighbours when buying online. We find that adding more credibility to your website significantly helps, especially on those last pages before final checkout. Here is a related article on the topic of improving web sales with visitor confidence


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