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Mathew Patterson

Hey, it's Mathew from Campaign Monitor here. I just wanted to say thanks for the mention, and also that although it is not free, Campaign Monitor has very reasonable and simple prices. You can even send campaigns to 5 or less people at no charge, just to check it out.

We're over at

June Li

Hi Kate,
"Constant Contact" is free up to 50 subscribers, and has a 60-day free trial for any size list.
Fee scales by number of subscribers, not the number of emails sent.

Lisa Chang

Hi Kate,

I run for my customers. You're welcome to contact me.



Robert Burko

Hi Kate,

I'm president of - we're members of the EEC and proudly Canadian.;-) I'd be glad to help you out with your mailing. Our prices end up being just under Campaign Monitor's (+ a 1,000 email free trial), and we can work with you to create a custom email marketing solution.

Give me a call – 1-877-789-ELITE (3548)

Robert Burko

P.S. Hope wedding planning's going well - ( I shared your wedding day countdown widget with a friend and she absolutely loves it! Funny how the littlest things can be so exciting…

1-2-All Email Software

I use 1-2-All email software. It's pretty robust for lists under 5000, has some nice tracking options and great and easy interface. Solution will run you maybe 100-200 bucks one time.

good luck

Walter Gomes


Thanks for all the feedback, everyone! I'm hoping to start a mailing list for my Squidoo lens (I find their RSS support inadequate). I'll be giving all these a look thru! Cheers .. Kate

Chris Davis

Hi Kate,
we are into email marketing for various countries and city, i hope you will find more than what you are expecting, please go through this site.

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