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June Li

You're right to be cautious. No point in doing cool stuff that fritters away your hard-earned money without any return to your company.
My suggestion is to ignore the general stats and figure out if your most profitable target audience does (or is likely to listen to) podcasts. If they do, the answer is easy. If they might, do a small experiment. If they don't, you might still want to do a small experiment. Always get feedback.

There are so many options for connecting with customers that there's no one right answer for anyone.

As Kate Trgovac (") said recently here, in 2007, "niche rules".

Good luck and do share with us how things unfold, if you can,


Michael Seaton

I think organizations, like in any other communications initiative, need to understand the space they are getting into and address what the core audience needs - versus the marketing department wants to do. To jump on the band wagon and say "we did it" and be all about "you" versus "them is clearly not the answer.

As part of my presentation at the AIMS event, I will speak to why we felt it was a natural extension of what we were doing in other digital channels.

And, the panel will most certainly address which companies may have missed the mark in terms of the content & audinece quotient.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

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