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Oliver Bendzsa

Hi Robert:

Couple of suggestions. When I was at a small startup we evaluated two options: 1) build it ourselves; 2) buy an off-the-shelf solution.

As to option #2, we did lots of research here and really liked Right Now Technologies We did a lot of evaluation and decided that our business processes (and the the data that we needed to collect) were changing quickly so an off-the-shelf solution probably wouldn't work. The cost would be too high and time to get it to work would be too long.

We opted for #1 and built an e-mail / telephone call support system using a Web-based content management system. We were lucky to have inhouse talent to design and build it. When the company folded, the guys went on to form a successful consulting company, you can check them out at:

Srinivas Endra

We are rololabs, based hyderabad. We provides manpower to Oil&Gas,..etc companies to any country.

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