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Judy Gombita

PR News is hosting a webinar next week on the topic of "How to Manage & Leverage Your Online Reputation." Note that this is an American-based company, but they do make efforts to include some international representation in the newsletter, etc. (I've booked one webinar in the past and I was pleased with its calibre.)

Digital PR Webinar:
How to Manage & Leverage Your Online Reputation

Tuesday, December 12 1:30-3:00 p.m. (ET)

This PR News Webinar will help corporate communicators, agency professionals, and nonprofit communicators identify the “first steps” to becoming a digital reputation manager and leader. Attendees will learn the benefits and common pitfalls of new media and discover how to leverage digital media for maximum PR return. In addition, participants will receive a tutorial on the key vehicles and tools of digital reputation management, including:

- Viral Marketing
- Corporate Blogs & Podcasts
- Mobile Marketing
- CGM Dialogues
- Search Engine Optimization
- Online Newsrooms
- Dark Sites during a Crisis
- Measuring your Reputation Online

For more information:

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