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Sebastien Provencher

I've posted my top predictions for 2007 on my blog on Monday. Here's a small taste. BTW, they're all around local search and social media as this is where my interest lies.

1) Atomization: 2007 will see the acceleration of content/functions/applications atomization (decentralization) via the adoption of multiple syndication methods like RSS, XML and APIs.

2) Verticalization: The success of generalist social networks and online video sites in 2006 means that we will see the arrival of a multitude of new specialized players in these two fields.

3) RSS: a clear business model for RSS will emerge.

4) Local will become more social / Social will become more local.

5) Traditional Media will continue to realize that they desperately need to capture eyeballs online, leading to more online acquisitions and/or investments.

6) Long distance & local calls will continue their move towards free.

7) Traditional media will create SEO job positions.

8) Video Monetization: a clear business model will emerge.

9) The proliferation of destination sites without clear business models will lead a lot of them to adopt the B2B business model.

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