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I enjoyed this article, especially the critique of the mapping technologies. Can anyone recommend some good enterprise mapping/locator systems?

oliver bendzsa

Thanks for this article. It gave me the caffeine jolt I needed to respond… after many months of lurking in the AIMS membership.

I've been relying on Google Local and Google Maps ( to help me with my coffee shop selection. While the search doesn’t produce a calorie counter, it does provide links to other sources, such as restaurant reviews.

Tim Hortons is the coffee co. that seems to have it right. It would be interesting if anyone from Timmy’s marketing company would like to share on AIMS, but they do a great job of standardizing their entries and getting them all in Google (as far as I can tell). This is no trivial matter as each entry (in Canada) must be uploaded one-at-a-time.

I’m not sure the cost of tools such as MapPoint or MapFusion but if your small businesses or your client wants to be found, the service costs nothing and will help your customers and prospects find you. Also, the local listing you should improve organic clicks from main Google because Google Local feeds organic search results on the main site.

If you are rushing to check your business on local, you may find that you are already listed because Google automatically searches for postal addresses on Websites it indexes. A better and more reliable way to insure all your important business information is present is to submit it to Google yourself:

Note: you will need to create a Google Account. Once you are logged in, follow the instructions to submit a business listing that includes your basic business information like business name, location, and phone number.

Kathryn @ AIMS

Hi Oliver - thanks for making the jump from lurker to participant! Glad to have you in this conversation.

Interesting point about Tim Horton's. The downside I've experienced with Tim Horton's is that they have a variety of types of stores. I once ended up arranging a meeting in a gas station :)

Would be great if the coffee shops added a photo of their store so you could easily see if they had lots of tables and seating versus being more of a take-out location. For example, at Yonge and Eglinton the Starbucks in the Indigo has a large seating area. The one across the street has a few small tables. Important info when you're meeting someone.

Thanks for your suggestion, I'll definitely be using some of the local search engines like Google and Live Search in the future.

Katherine Came

I had similar experiences with both sites. I am a Second Cup regular and am always getting invitations from them to fill out online surveys (yes, I did opt in for this a while back). While their online survey tool is okay... their site is long (venti) on flash but short (tall) on actual information.

They have added new features (like the ability to register your coffee card) and are clearly interested in developing a more user-focused site, but they trail behind by 6 months, at least.

I like your photo/location information idea. My regular Second Cup barely has enough room for me and a barista so setting up a meeting there is not something I'd do. But I'd have to know that - when you are travelling and need a meeting point that little bit of information can be crucial.

Kevin M

"Would be great if the coffee shops added a photo of their store so you could easily see if they had lots of tables and seating versus being more of a take-out" tells you all that -- and more -- for both Starbucks and Tim Hortons


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