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Judy Gombita

From my own employment environment/experience, I offer the following suggestions.

Associations (not-for-profit) and charitable organizations (non-profit) are two very different animals. I'd suggest you break them out. You might also want to find a home for non-government agencies (e.g., Skills for Change).

Regarding "types of service," I'd recommend you broaden public relations to include the sub-set category:

Public Relations/Media Relations

Looking forward to seeing the end result. Thanks for taking on what must be a mammoth task for more member value-add, Kathryn!

Kathryn Lagden

Thanks Judy - you're the second person to suggest that charitable organizations requires its own category. I'll definitely do that.

I've received a few emails with suggestions, here's what else I've added based on feedback.

Additions to 'Industry':
- Contests & Sweepstakes
- Online Media
- Real Estate

Additions to 'Type of Service':
- 'Copywriting' changed to 'Writing Services'
- eMarketing and/or eMarketing consultant
- Interactive Agency
- Internal Communications (not sure if this is a seperate category or part of 'Marketing/Communications Agency'

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