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Judy Gombita

Brian, I'd recommend you go check out the website of (Canadian) online copyrighting guru, Nick Usborne, located at and blog located at

You'll find them to be a great resource.

I've been receiving his biweekly Excess Voice e-newsletter for a few years and find it very interesting and helpful. Nick is also quite generous about answering specific questions and requests from his community.

Good luck!

Chris Biber


Two of the other gurus out there are definitely the Eisenberg brothers, Brian & Jeffrey. They've written a total of three excellent books, the most recent of which is 'Waiting for your cat to bark'. These guys really get it...

The books, and their very insightful grokdotcom newsletter at are highly recommended. Of course, there are a lot of other resources out there - feel free to ask for more...

Good luck



Hi Brian,
I took the NMD program at Centennial College and can vouch that it is a good program. This certificate had a big focus on building new media - the actual design skills - with a sub-focus on project management and writing skills.

So depending on your desired outcome, this may or may not be the program for you.

If you are looking purely at upgrading your ability to WRITE for online, I think there may be more applicable programs out there.

I too am looking for similar courses and would welcome feedback from others on which courses are best... for example, this one:

Ray Litvak

Hi Brian,

Two other excellent resources are S. Krug's book 'Don't Make Me Think - A Common Sense Approach To Web Usability' found at, and Jakob Nielsens's book 'Homepage Usability-50 Websites Deconstructed. Nielsen also addresses web copywriting on his site at

Hope this helps,

Ray Litvak

Leading Website Designs

Eden Spodek

Hi Brian,

Ragan Communications is offering a two-day workshop with Shel Holtz called Connecting with the Wired World, here on Nov. 13 & 14. Day one focuses on social media and Day two focuses on writing online. I participated in his social media webinar and took Writing for the Wired World workshop 8 years ago. Both were very helpful.

For more information, check out:

Eden Spodek


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