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Brian Pritchard

Wireless rules all communications.

Bandwidth issues, jitter & packet loss are things of the past like Polio.

IP intelligent networks converge with all communications channels, voice, video, messaging, TV and Radio.

I get to work from ANYWHERE. I am empowered.

I have a mobile phone/personal computing device with Bluetooth Bose micro earphones and integrated Dolce & Gabbana glasses with built in video. I can speech command everything.

I finish a video conference while driving home. Walking in the kitchen my always on countertop appliance senses I'm in proximity. The Screen lights up. I don't get post mail anymore. Everything is done online (Trees love me) I look at my touch screen personal portal. Email – Bills – TV – Movies – Music – Home Security – Food - Entertainment

I have some bills to pay. I look at my hydro bill. This can't be right it’s just doubled. I was on a 5 year price freeze plan. I touch the call me customer service button. The handset beside my appliance rings – I pick up ”One moment Mr. Pritchard we are connecting your call to a live agent…” “Good evening Mr Pritchard how can I help you tonight. I see you are reviewing your latest bill did you have a question?”

While discussing my bill the very knowledge CSR who is correcting my account in real-time while I watch I get hungry. I touch the food button saying goodbye– I’m in a hurry now.
I touch quick service. I sort by best deals & Mexican. A short list appears. I click delivery times. Chili’s is showing approximately 20 minutes to my house …good. I touch screen through and build my order for one. Suddenly live video of a Chili’s CSR opens in the corner of their menu, I touch, answer, speaker phone. “Hi Mr. Pritchard we see this will be your 3rd order this month. Our customer loyalty program entitles you to 50% off a second entrée. Mouth watering images start appearing on screen pushed by the CSR. The CSR gives me a vivid description. I touch the chicken fajitas. I’m not that hungry but what the heck maybe a midnight snack. The CSR asks credit card or debit. I swipe my debit down the side of the appliance then touch my fingerprint to the built in optical bio-scanner. PIN’s aren’t used anymore their to insecure. “Thank you Mr. Pritchard, on your 4th order you are entitled to any free appetizer. Thanks for ordering Chili’s.

I go to my entertainment room and turn on my 70” HD LCD TV. I bought it last month from my local Best Buy for $499.99 using my counter top appliance. Same day delivery was available as Best Buy and all the other major retailers interface directly to local courier companies and sell & ship most ecommerce sales from local inventories.

I select a Boston Legal episode from 2009 that I haven’t seen yet. Just as I start watching
A message appears in the bottom left of my HD LCD TV telling me the Chili’s Driver is pulling up to the house. Thank you for ordering from Chili’s. Enjoy Your Food.

Eden Spodek

Brian, I love your entertaining and articulate response. I agree, at least as far as early adapters with the incomes to afford all these great tools and appliances are concerned. What about those who aren't at the forefront? I wonder how will they be communicating five years from now. Any ideas?

Kathryn @ AIMS

Brian - that was a great response! You obviously have a vivid picture in your head of how we'll all be living 5 years from now.
I especially like the fact you think customer service people will be talking to us. I can only hope the end of listening to prerecorded voices and pushing buttons on my phone to get the right person is coming to an end.

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