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Eden Spodek

The geek dinner and Shel's presentation were a great way to kick of the 10th anniversary. AIMS is headed in a very positive direction. Big shout out to Kathryn and the AIMS board.

As for social media in the workplace, I am monitoring our company on Technorati and other tracking sites. One of our IT divisions uses a wiki developed in-house. A senior executive has an internal blog. About 5% of the staff have joined LinkedIn. I've been introducing other people to LinkedIn and the wealth of information available via podcasts. I've been showing them how using these tools can add value at work.

Michael Seaton

Thanks for the feedback Eden. The Shel Holtz event was indeed a great way to celebrate a decade of AIMS.

We hope to continue to bring leading edge topics and compelling speakers to AIMS.

On behslf of the Board of Directors, we are very glad to hear such positive things back from our membership. And yes, Kathryn deserves all the credit for delivering a lot of good things since she arrived on the scene.

Keep the feedback coming in, we love to hear what is on AIMS members minds.

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