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Dmitry Buterin

Hi Ian,
I do not know of such a listing but would not mind if you include us into your shortlist:



David Robert

Hi Ian,

If you try google you will find a few for the Toronto area, but none are comprehensive as far as I know.

I know the City of Toronto used to publish a "Toronto Business Directory" on CDRom. You might try them.

In any case, please include us on your list:


June Li

Here are some suggestions, in alphabetical order:

1. Bonasource
Dmitry Buterin (who has already replied to you, and is also "Chief Apricot" of Wild Apricot, an AIMS sponsor)

2. Boost
Susan Ward

3. Internet:Intelligence
Deirdre Sadler or Lee Carter-Godfrey

4. Thrillworks
Dave MacDonald

Hope this helps,

June Li
June.Li AT

Judith Keenan

New Media Business Alliance is an excellent source:

Diane McKerlie

Hi Ian,

I am an interaction designer and usability expert at Design Strategy in Toronto. We team up with local experts to provide a full range of web design services. Our designs are successful because they meet end-user expectations for ease of use and they influence customer behaviours toward organizational goals.

Feel free to contact me,
Diane McKerlie

Hi Ian

Hope you are having a successful day so far, was sent your blog from a aims member, we can help with your needs .Contact me at the email above or call us 416 922 0706 to some samples of our work.



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