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Garry Revesz

Hi Michelle, I agree that conversation builds personal and professional relationships. Ironically, our business is creating creating Customer Relationship Management solutions, as well as other business solutions, for our customers. However, as the owner and manager of the business, I don't have the time required to commit to Blogging, chat rooms, newsgroups and the like. However, I have this tug-of-war going on between my daily committments and responsibilities building the business, on one hand, and on the other hand, my sales & marketing instincts telling me it would be enjoyable, rewarding and good for business. In this case, your message intriqued me and it may be that it's 10PM and I needed a break might have something to do with it. I wouldn't, no couldn't, even think of venturing into this during the day. We have staff on hand that are very capable and skilled at what they do, but they are technical and don't have the same vision, or responsibility. The irony and the conundrum that (new) technology presents us with is that yes, there are more opportunities but you still need the time and the right people to work the opportunity, and lord knows we are all short on both.

I would love to know how other (busy) professionals are dealing with Blogging. Are they dipping their toe into the water, diving in and hoping for the best, or being standoff-ish, like a teenager at a dance, afraid of being rejected.

Just another perspective from a wannabe blogger.

Garry Revesz


You are right, I think a lot of companies are thinking just like you - do your workers have the same vision to speak to your community?

And you know what, your workers may just do it, create their own blog, with or without your permission. In fact, this may be a great thing as blogging should not be considered a vehicle for marketing your corporate message...but just as a way for people to talk with you, good or bad...another way to communicate.

We are considering starting a corporate blog, but still have to launch our new website. One step at a time for us. However, as a marketer, I must consider every strategy as a way to encourage two-way communication with our community. Website included. That is the issue I face. One-way communication is dying...and I will be glad to see it 6 feet under.

RE: Blogging - Make it a part of your regular routine. Just like answering email has become a part of your daily life...although mine is a personal blog, I appreciate any feedback or comments and learn and grow from them.

Just my two cents.

Kathryn @ AIMS

The time factor is definitely a consideration. Especially at the beginning as you scramble up the learning curve.

A couple of weeks before I launched the AIMS blog I started a personal blog. I found it useful for getting into the habit and also a good testing ground as I figured out the various typepad features. And my family overseas is loving the regular communication from me :)

I do think it's a good idea, especially at the beginning, to have a few posts on deck. If something urgent comes up you can still post and keep the momentum going.

In a recent podcast Mitch Joel was talking about the value of setting out an editorial calendar. Great suggestion for keeping the content valuable and timely!

Tema Frank

I started a blog a while ago, but have not managed to update it daily. Like Garry, I find it very difficult to do while running a business. And since it doesn't yet get a lot of feedback/posting from readers, I do sometimes wonder if I'm talking to myself on it.

I also wonder if it is a good or bad idea to duplicate some of the same material between my blog and our monthly newsletter? The blog for those who want things instantly and the newsletter as a monthly summary. What do you think?

Has anyone on this list managed to get a substantial dialogue going on a business blog? It's easy if you've already got name recognition, but if you don't? (Or at least, not a Bill Gates-level of name recognition!)


Hi Tema,

This is my two cents. I don't think you need to update it daily. What is more important is that the content is king. I think you risk losing readers if the content is bad, yet frequent. If it is great, the more likely they will continue to visit, even if the posts are a few times a week. I really like postsecret. They only refresth their blog once a week.

I know what you mean by talking to yourself. Have you measured the amount of visits you get? I still do think having a corporate blog is a great idea for encouraging communication.

I think it is okay to duplicate content but try to avoid it if you can. Actually, I was quite surprised that there was no link (at least I couldn't find it) from your website to your blog. That may help increase readers.

I do not have a business blog but I am slowly getting a few readers. I think the technorati pings help as well as links in the posts. :)


Hi again Tema,

Stumbled upon might help you with the blog/newsletter updates...

For a primer on using blogs in business, I highly recommend Shel Israel's and Robert Scoble's book, Naked Conversations: (available at Amazon and Indigo). And you can follow Shel's blog ( ) for stories on how businesses are taking on blogging as an element of their marketing communications.

Probably the biggest success has been convincing Dell to start a customer blog ( )in an attempt to turn around what have become a negative market image.


Here's another great book about blog marketing that helps you identify types of blogs and how you can create open conversation.



Let us know how far you got with the new website and what worked really well for this project.

I will soon start a separate website that will be based around conversations, community care and collaboration....and I am really interested to learn what you (or anyone else doing work in this arena letely) found interesting or challenging and what are your metrics telling you.

I am looking for great examples of how I can make the most the most of the social communication and apply it to the non-profit environment. I think we have a great advantage (with the fact that unlike the for-profits, there is no doubt that any communication generated from my org is genuine and done to improve the wellbeing of the community ...well at least in my case , as I am working for a hospital foundation) in our effort to build strong communities and I'd like to apply effecive tools for communication and feedback - through all communication touchpoints, not only the website.

It'd be great to hear people's thoughts for this...


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