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David Robert

We've used a number of payment processors but always at the programming level. We found solid, easy to use, and not too bureaucratic.

It sounds like you want a web integration solution (rather than an API). They have a product called LinkPoint Connect for that. I've never used it but you might check it out.


Try Google:


I had looked at BeanStream, a Victoria company, a few years ago and I think they offered a good product (

June Li

Take a look at (

Darrell MacMullin

"or too unreliable and possibly shady (one we have been dealing with in the US), or they don't allow customized branding (PayPal)"

Not sure if I understand fully your issue on Paypal....I work for Paypal and happy to help you out with overcoming any of your issues.


You can try ONIPay.
You can dovnload free demo from:


Hi All,

I currently have a Canadian wGift Basket website called
I am looking for a new ecommerce company.

Has anyone used Merchant
Would appreciate hearing any comments you have about their performance.

Of course I would be interested in any current info on other ecommerce companies as well.
Thanks Patti


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