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I am looking for an excellent direct marketing agency/consultancy for web/email marketing, DM and Direct advertising.

Thank you for your thoughts



I am looking for a call centre specialists/consultants. If you have worked with any great people in the past please let me know.

Robert Mendelson

We are looking for an e-commerce specialist to help us improve our conversion rates--both on our site, and on our e-mail campaigns. As a small start-up, we can't afford agencies at this point, and are therefore looking for an independent consultant who is knowledgeable and experienced, perhaps an eComm Professor. Can any other small businesses recommend someone they've worked with successfully for this purpose?

Zale Tabakman

Hi Everyone,

I have written an article on AIMS Canada and it was published in to the National Networker.

The National Networker is an international e-zine that is distributed around the world. It focuses on Networking as a way of growing one's career or business.

You can see the article at

Its called Marketing, the Internet, and networking: a perfect martini



Great Post! I think sites like LinkedIn, Ryze and Fast Pitch are great for networking and marketing online. We use Fast Pitch because they offer the ability to distribute Press and also have a much better "connection" package where you can link up with people based on their business. I used LinkedIn for finding employees, but Fast Pitch is more focused on marketing and networking.

Jonathan Spencer

GST Problem for Canadian websites

An argument about a porn site will create GST problems for Canadian websites. The Federal Court has ruled that Canadian websites must collect GST on charges to non-residents for access to an internet website. Dawn’s Place Ltd. operates a website which offered adult images for a membership fee allowing members to download images and video. Dawn’s Place was assessed for failure to collect 6% GST on access charges to non-residents. Although the company appealed the decision, the Federal Court of Appeal has now ruled that GST properly applied because access to a website is not the provision of intellectual property. The Court has ruled that the acquisition of data or images by a non-resident is taxable, holding that a specific rule for the provision of a copyright does not apply.

This will create problems for Canadian-based websites who, for the most part, do not currently collect GST on membership or access fees charged to non-residents. Right now, it is not known whether Dawn’s Place Ltd. will appeal to the Supreme Court, or whether the law will be amended to correct the problem. In the meanwhile, web designers, developers and sponsors should review how they are billing from a GST perspective and consider whether they need to correct their billing processes in light of the case.

Jonathan Spencer
Thorsteinssons LLP

Peter Donato

thanks to aims and the repeated emails on blogging, I decided over the holidays to start my own, and subsequently our traffic has spiked and our google ranking jumped up a notch from 4 to 5.

we're still amateurs at this, and the format needs to improve, any advice or suggestions from aims members would be appreciated, thanks so much.

fyi - unless you are an endurance-based athlete or into health and fitness this info. might not be so useful or entertaining to you...(:



Robert Mendelson

We're looking for a reputable SEO firm who is willing to work largely on a 'pay per performance' model. In other words, if they get us to where we want to be on, for example, Google, then we pay. Anyone know a company that actually talks the talk AND walks the walk?

Robert Mendelson

We operate a website marketing goods to Canada, and have a sister operation in the US doing the same in that market. We have noticed a lower conversion rate north of the border, even though both sites are very similar and use very similar marketing tactics and strategies. Wondering if anyone else who has a site serving both sides of the border has noticed the same?

Fred Pritchard

Has anyone seen a good example of a marketing/promo flyer that was included in the box from your most recent online purchase?

If so, could you tell me who/what/where.



We provide full service email marketing with our targeted B2B and B2C data including Mortgage Professionals, Realtors, Real Estate Investors, Builders, Business Opportunity Seekers, New Home Owners, Renters, and many others.

I believe the delivery day of the week is important, but the delivery method is equaly important in this email market due to Spam Cops, Blacklisting risk...etc.

E2Pros uses a high end mailing server to ensure the highest delivery rate possible to comply with all Major ISPs restrictions.


We pay you 30% of the fee income that we earn from new customers referred by you!

Earn up to 100 euro for each referred friend !


Hey Tatiana, you can take a look at our website on to see if there is any targeted data you may need from the categories of: Accounting | Business | Legal | Mortgage Professionals | Real Estate Professionals | Consumers | Medical Professionals | .....etc.


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Top of the line baby bullies with superb bloodlines from
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the healthiest bloodlines in the breed. Specializing is
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Dave Devoe

Are there any companies out there using Facebook that can offer tips, tricks, pros and cons, etc? I've been given the green light by our HR department to propose using Facebook to aid in our campus recruiting efforts. I want to gather as much data as I can. Thanks!

Srinivas Endra

We are Information Technology and Human Resources Development Company., and have enjoyed a position of eminence in the field of recruitment of technical and on-technical personnel for undertakings abroad. We are lolcated in Hyderabad, AP, India.
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Ruth Locker

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If you have previous experience in recruitment, preferably in the industrial field and you are looking for a career progression, we would like to meet with you.
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This is an opportunity to join us and earn huge rewards for your efforts!!
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You will be ready to talk to clients, explain the benefits and work with us to fulfill the clients needs.
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nfl jersey guru

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i see all those money making type at home scheme..are they legitmate? i want a reputable company where i can do ad placements has anyone dealt with these sites-w.adtypingjobs.c, w.typeinternational.c, w.wilsonweb.c,w.internetmarketingcenter.c.,w.orkathomeincome.c, w.antechsurvey.c pls post your replies so i can know..


here is an article agencies and corporate/national companies should consider reading before diving into their next online project when only considering about the msn's, yahoo's, myspace's & facebook's to advertise on.

happy reading =)





PRINCETON CONSULTING LIMITED, pursuant to the service contract with The Addax Nigeria Limited (ANL) and Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Joint Venture Western Delta gas Program, intends to Invite experienced and reputable persons having prime experience and capable of providing IT technical support services (as individuals or in a team).
The ideal candidates will have commercial acumen and people skills, and must be forward thinking, flexible, committed and demonstrate previous experience from within a similar Access skills are desirable. Excellent spoken and written English is essential. Previous Change Management experience connected with SAP would be a plus.
The main responsibility is IT infrastructure design, planning and
implementation, development, execution and maintenance of a
comprehensive infrastructure/ Management. Incorporate liaison work with one or more
Design Project Team, the appropriate user communication and principally with
the pertinent Readiness and/or Steering Committee, Senior Managers and
other key influencers.

Among the deliverables of this are:
. Preparation of Business Impact Analysis, Stakeholder Analysis,
Organizational Risk Assessment/ systems audit, review across
infrastructure and platforms of the project, Communication Plan, Sponsorship Plan and
Education Requirements.
. Liaising with IT and project teams in respect of the approval and
risk assessment on implementation and systems projects.
. Advice on IT projects, risks and security matters.
Other Duties to be performed in brief includes but not limited to;
1·Computer hardware installation and installation of selected
software. development/maintenance for duration of contract.
Engineering. strategy and planning. networking throughout pertinent project facilities

1. Will include; installation of 700/or more desktop computers (Compaq,
21", P3, 766Mhz, 10.3GB, 128 Ram PCs).
. Installation of all servers and UPS-Quantity installed will be
based on complexity, volume and number of agreed upon resources.
. Installation of all other IT facilities as required for the
project, This will include firewalls and databases.
. Applications to be installed on hardware above are: Norton Antivirus
2002,Adobe Acrobat Reader 5, Board land C++, Microsoft office XP,
Windows XP/professional.
1. Accessories to be installed: CD writer 128mb DVD/Rom, UPS: APC
2. Will include; project web page development
. Other software development within the scope and project assumptions.
3. Will include; various system engineering tasks for the contract
duration and within the scope and project assumptions.
4. Will include; various IT plans within contract duration.
. High level IT strategy
. Other needs identified shortly after project commencement and
within the scope and project assumptions.
5. will be through all related project IT facility



This programme would be carried out within the NNPC/ADDAX JV’s gas To liquids processing facility Escravos. PRINCETON CONSULTING contractor for provision of technical support personnel, will Require qualified personnel to execute the aforementioned work at the Joint venture’s operational bases in Port Harcourt, Lagos and Escravos, which is situated 100 miles South East of Lagos.

The current contract duration forecast is approximately Fourteen(14) months, for IT technical support personnel, with an optional six (6)months extension or a duration of “14+6” months.
Salary indication (individual) - (USD16,500/USD18, 500.00) monthly).
Position type - Contract
Contracts will be renewed only as necessary.

PRINCETON CONSULTING LIMITED. Will be responsible for recruitment and only persons found suitably qualified Shall be invited.

The Joint Venture currently plans to execute contract on the (24th of MARCH the year 2008 )Wth an anticipated IT facility in place before Commencement of engineering project.
NOTIFICATION/INTEREST: All relevant information/notification of interest.
TO :
Contracts Administrator,


Contract terms and conditions will be sent on demand.


If you are seeking an excellent opportunity to grow with a modern, innovative and energetic organization, may provide extra work for a fun job with flexible hours. Join a team that is in the fast passed wedding industry; a constantly evolving market with daily challenges.

You must be comfortable gaining new business through cold calls.
Maintain frequent contact with existing and potential clients.
Providing customer assistance by responding to inquiries and complaints
This position is primarily responsible for applying professional selling techniques to ensure customers’ complete satisfaction with their buying experience.
Maintain and complete records of sales of all customers.


Excellent communication skills
Highly motivated with a desire to be successful
Proficient with the following computer applications:
• Microsoft Windows XP
• Microsoft Office Suite: Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook with Business Contact Manager

Please be advised that only those applicants who are selected for interviews will be contacted.

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