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Eloqua. They are based out of Toronto! ;)

Wayne Carrigan

What city are you in?

Here are some Canadian ESPs to consider. - Toronto - Ottawa - Edmonton

Jeff Ginsberg, chief eMail officer

Hi Lapsed Member…

We can get you setup with accounts on either the DREAM/DREAMmail platforms. These are both the former BigFoot and DARTmail platforms, now owned and managed by Epsilon Interactive. Both these platforms will be comparable to the YESMAIL platform you are referring to.

If you need access into YESMAIL, Lyris, Silverpop or any other Tier 1 provider, please do not hesitate to call us. We can help you with setup, support, ongoing daily management and industry best practices.

Good luck in your search.

Jeff Ginsberg, chief eMail officer
the eMail company

Stefan Eyram

I can recommend a number of companies but it really depends on your specific needs. YesMail is more of an agency providing email and other services, plus the services and solutions of sister companies.

If you require full services that may include everything from strategy and design to deployment and analysis, I recommend GTA-based companies like:

M Marketing

The Advertising Co.


If you only want access to email lists owned by others (you should not be "buying" email lists for your own deployment) I suggest:


If you want a self-managed, on demand email solution I would be pleased to speak with you. ExactTarget - - has thousands of clients who successfully create, deploy and track their email programs using our solutions.

Please call me if you have questions. I woudl be pleased to provide you with contact names t the companies I recommended.

Stefan Eyram
ExactTarget Inc.

David Barclay

Connectus gets my referal - their breadth of clients and work speak for itself.

Nishit Shah

We are a Toronto-based Email service provider that offers self-service or full-service Email campaign solutions. You can find more details of our solution at

I would be happy to arrange a demo on our offering to assist you with your research.

Nishit Shah
Partner - eMarketing
Broadplay Inc
416 410 9919 x41

Al Schwartz

Dear Lapsed Member,
I represent a local e-marketing vendor, Inbox Advertising.

Before providing you with information about our 'solutions', I'd suggest a quick conversation to discuss your requirements and marketing goals.

From your brief description, it sounds like you are only looking to market to other people's lists. Is that the case, or do you have your own list/database to market to?


Al Schwartz

Inbox Advertising Inc.
(416) 636-5638

Paula Skaper

You've got lots of good recommendations for agencies based in Eastern Canada. We've also got some terrific talent here on the West Coast!

I'd be happy to chat with you about how Kinetix can provide service - we specialize in email marketing strategy, deployment and list brokerage services and maintain good relationships with several tier-one software vendors.

Other leading Vancouver-based agencies include 6S Marketing and Devlin eBusiness Architects' Vancouver office.

Good luck with your search!

Paula Skaper
President, Kinetix Media Communications
(604) 629-5250

Sabina Sintic

I work in the E-Brokerage / E-Management division at Cornerstone Group of Companies.

Please give me a call to discuss; I would be more than happy to go over your request in further detail.

You can also visit our website at

Best Regards,

Sabina Sintic
Cornerstone Group of Companies
416-932-9555 ext.144

Tema Frank

I recommend Industry Mailout. Great people, excellent service, very reasonable prices.

Tema Frank

I recommend Industry Mailout. Great people, excellent service, very reasonable prices.


Thanks to all for your suggestions, I will certainly keep these in mind. And thanks AIMS for great Blog forum.

Roger Smith

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